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No to Iranian propaganda-mosque

Call to Danes and the Danish left-wing politicians: Do not support the grand mosque at Vibevej road- it will become a propaganda central for the Iranian clergy-regime and a platform for fundamentalist brain wash of unadjusted members of immigrant youth

By: Hussein Ferdowsipour

14. april 2010 | Historik

Published on the internet at information.dk 14. april 2010,19:15. Printed version 15. april 2010 on page 17 in 1. section. Latest update 14. april 2010, 20:55.

I am writing this, because I feel squeezed. Squeezed between the Danish right wing with Pia Kjærsgaard in the lead, who perceives almost every muslim as a potential terrorist, and the Danish left-wing politicians, who in a wellmeaning attempt to accept of other ethnic people overlook most basic human rights. I am a board member of Frit Iran, a grassroot organization of exile-Iranians, who fight, using peaceful means, for a demokratic Iran.

Many of us have experienced the oppression of fundamentalism on our own bodies. More have been subject to harsh physicial and psychological torture and yearlong imprisonment. I am myself one of the over five million Iranians, who have been forced to exile since 1979.

Through the years I have experienced consequences of the xenophobic atmosphere, which the Danish right wing has put energy in spreading. Let me illustrate this by an example concerning a good friend. Ashkan Panjeheighalehei, also a board member at of Frit Iran, was deported from Denmark to Iran after biased case processing by immigration authorities. Three years after he succeeded anew to flee and reunite with the rest of his family in Denmark. Here he told, how he with bloody clothes and wrist, which was sutured hastily after unsuccesful suicide attempt at Copenhagen International Airport at Kastrup - and quite against medical advice from hospital staff - had been flown to Iran and handed over to his tormentors in Teheran. Thereafter he had to go through 23 months confinement in the ayatollahs´ secret prisons, where he was subject to harsh torture, without ever being presented for any court proceeding.
Owned by the Iranian state

The problem arises, when various minority rights collide. At present we experience horrifying examples of how the left-wing politicians set aside both women´s rights, children´s rights and freedom of expression only to show concern for, what they imagine, is the right to retain and practice own religion and culture.

I am addressing the project regarding a mosque by the name Imam Ali, which soon is to be built at Vibevej in Copenhagen Northwest neighbourhood.

The shocking fact is, that Denmark´s first real mosque will both be financed and owned by the Iranian state. That means, owned by a regime, which practices Sharia law, rapes women and men in its prisons and stones and mutilates its own citizens in full public display.

Behind the mosque is standing a foundation called Ahl-Ul-Beyt, which already runs 68 other centres for Iran´s clergy-rule around the World. The foundation has as its goal to promote the Islamic Republic of Iran´s views, which shows from the list of its board members, many of which are hardboiled Holocaust deniers.

Why dares the Danish left-wing politicians not take the discussion about the mosque, which based on available documentation is intended as a platform for dessimination of the way of approaching matters, which are tightly related to Sharia law and legitimizes crimes such as amputation of arms and legs and stoning of women? Approaches, which left-wing politicians in any other context would oppose without compromise, and here brutally undermine women´s rights, children´s rights, the right of atheists?
Sophisticated operation

Looking into those centres that Ahl-Ul-Beyt Foundaton is running around the globe, one gets some insight into, what the idea behind the mosque at Vibevej in Copenhagen Northwest neighbourhood be.

The foundation´s centres in Africa and Asia have become an axis for radicalization of local muslim communities. The mosques payout mony to the poor, who in return convert to Shia-Islam. With this regard they are subjected to religious education, which is permeated by the clergy-rule´s official stance and its political visions.

The Repulic of Azerbajdjan has deemed Ahl-ul-bayt´s presence in that country a threat and closed down their centre there. Similarly South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore and a few countries in Central Asia have banned Ahl-ul-bayt´s activities.

In the West, Ahl-Ul-Beyt is operating in a more sophisticated manner. mere raffineret. Externally they present their centres as peaceful places for sport, culture and celebration of religious holy fiests (at some locations the centres received state funding for these innocent activities). However, at the same time big sums are accumulated and transfered to build similar projects at locations in the World, where a far more radical-fundamentalist practice is preached.

Groups associated to Ahlul Bayts mosque in Hamborg, Germany, where involved in the assassination of four leaders of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Berlin i 1992. The Ahlul Bayts mosque in London has similarly created a framework for recruiting of terrorists, death threats against the British-Indian author Salman Rushdie, and espionage against exile-Iranians.

The Imam at the planned grand mosque at Vibevej, Mehdi Khademi, was untill 2004 empolyed at the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guard Corps´ department of ideology, whereafter he has switched the military helmet to a turban and was handpicked by the clergy-rule to transfer to Denmark. He must be suspected to have connections to Iran´s ill-reputed intelligence services, especially in lue of his past working collaboration with experts in brain washing and recruiting of new members to the holy cause.
Directly from the clergy-rule

Ahl-Ul-Beyt has as its assignment to mission for a form of islam, which rules and regulation is dictated directly by the clergy-rule in Iran - thus from a fundamentalist state, which is ill-reputed for its oppression, not only towards other religious communities, but also against competing versions of Islam, thereby oppressing Sunnies, Alavits, moderate muslims, Sufi muslims and secular muslims, all subject to persecutation.

This pitch-black ideology, which will dominate within the new mosque. Most exile-Iranians do not perceive the mosque as a forum, where muslims freely practice their belief, but rather yet another location that can be used as a base for espionage against us and a place, where the integration of immigrants be undermined. After 11. of September we have observed a marginalization of people of muslim background, where the media primarily have been preoccupied by us, when any bloody conflicts and sensatinal stories happened. During the same period some of our youth have lost their foothold in the society, where they have been born and grown up, which in turn has fertilized the grounds for exstremist views.

Thus Hizbollah has gained a larger recruitment in Danmark, the same can be told about Hamas. Now it is the ayatollahs´ turn to handpick our youngsters. And this time with support from the Danish left-wing politicians!

The building of the new mosque is about more than just the issue of freedom of religion and respect for minority cultures. It is about Iran´s wish to grasp political-religious power in Denmark and to create discord, distrust and insecurity amongst the immigrant milieu.

Therefore, dear left wing, wake up to reality. This is serious. Listen to the prrotests against the Imam Ali

Mosque and Culture Centre.

Hussein Ferdowsipour is a freelance journalist.

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