torsdag den 28. juni 2012

Free Mr Abbas Khameneh now

Mr Abbas Khameneh is an innocent man, held in the Iranian's regime's horrific and infamous prisons since the 25. of May. Mr khameneh has been arrested because his son, living in Netherland has written satirical articles and texts criticising religion and the Iranian authorities on facebook. The Iranian regime has kept Mr Abbas Khameneh as a hostage to make his son surround himself to the Iranian officials. If the son, Yashar goes back to Iran he will risk death penalty under the charges of blasphemy. No father should be held captive, prosecuted, persecuted or punished for his son,s beliefs.

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  1. سلام. آدرس ایمیلت در صفحه ت نیست، تو فیسبوک هم پیدات نکردم. اگه تونستی، یه ایمیل بهم بزن